The V-word

Chocolate, reality tv, video games – everyone has a guilty pleasure. When my brain is spinning and I need to decompress, I flip through celebrity sites and magazines to see what the rich and famous are up to. One of the recent articles that caught my eye when I was trolling gossip sites was that Demi Moore is missing her front teeth as a result of stress (?!). Of course I had to click and read on, and it was quite surprising what her kids said about her missing her front teeth: instead of wearing the fake teeth, they preferred when she was without them because it made her look more vulnerable.

It’s not often that a gossip site makes you take pause, but this funny little article did. Vulnerability….it almost seems like a new dirty word, like an emotion or feeling that doesn’t really come around much anymore. Today much of our life is projected through tiny snippets (or squares) of what we want everyone to think our truth and reality is (even if the truth is far from it). Do we show the vulnerability of our own lives, and let people see us without filters, edits or being curated? Probably not, as we have enough of that going on in our own life that we don’t necessarily want to see it in someone else’s. In today’s world vulnerability is quite underrated and perhaps more needed than ever, as it is an empathetic cure to the “edited life” blues. We all want to see beautiful pictures that make us want to live a gorgeous life, but surely the best parts of our lives are the messy, sticky, fall-on-your-face moments that make up the millions of undocumented non-squares of our existence.