Pass the love, please

Like most (decent) US citizens, I am looking at my home country with such sadness and despair. I hope that much like a wound that needs to heal, exposing all of this toxicity will be like letting a wound ooze before it starts to heal. It’s clear that this wound has some serious purging to do, and I fear that it won’t be quick or painless. It will take work by all of us, especially those of us who have benefited most from society.

We need to make the sound of love and acceptance drown out the sounds of hatred. Our families and communities need to be safe spaces of inclusion, tolerance and love. Every racist/sexist/homophobic/anti-Islam/Semitic comment needs to be addressed, instead of swept under the rug and ignored. Even if we cannot make it to rallies to make our voices heard, there are children in your life who hear, record, and repeat everything we say. So we can begin there – in our own little tribe as they will mingle with other people’s lives (re: play dates) and imagine the positive effect it will have if your child carries with them messages of tolerance and acceptance. I have seen with my own eyes that a conversation with my own kids about difficult subjects lays the groundwork for social awareness. A foundation where they know not only the difference between right and wrong, but also how to challenge thinking that reinforces stereotypes and ideas steeped in hate. Much like a cold, kids catch what we give them, and they will pass it on. Wouldn’t it be better if they passed the love instead of hate?

(image of Frank Ocean wearing a Greenbox Shop tee)