The Fourth Baby


Roughly a decade ago, I was an expectant mother with all the hope and worries in the world. I was about to have a baby, and I was as terrified and worried as I was excited. Part of my fear was in my desire to make sure that I got everything prepared just right – from choosing the best crib to the finest quality clothing and toys that we could afford. At the time, I was a professional chef that specialized in organic and plant-based cuisine, and I realized that my desire to cook organically spilled over into my baby prep as well: I wanted to fill my baby’s nursery, toy box, and dresser with the most eco-friendly and natural products possible. There were 2 main problems that I ran into in doing this: #1 the products that were natural and organic were lacking any kind of aesthetic or style, and #2 it wasn’t possible to find all the organic/natural products that I wanted in one place. At the time I was to have my daughter, I had to order bedding from one store, clothing from another, toys from many places – it was less than convenient. I wished that I could’ve bought stylish, eco-friendly products for my child in one place and so I guess you could say that the seed for Shak-Shuka was planted even before I became a mother!

Fast forward 8 years and 3 children later, I am still as passionate about Shak-Shuka being a wonderful source of how families can find products and resources for living life in an ethical, sustainable way. Even if every meal isn’t organic or every purchase is ethically perfect, it’s important that we start somewhere and understand that our purchasing has power. My intent is that Shak-Shuka is a positive space for everyone from the experienced ethical customer to a new parent just learning about the importance of buying organic for their baby. Shak-Shuka has very much become my fourth baby (sleepless nights, relentlessly demanding) but also like a mama I’m so proud that we’ve remained true to our eco roots that support not only our business, but also the amazing designers and creators that care about the world as much as we do. In a world that seems to be getting quite dark and gloomy, I hope that Shak-Shuka is a flicker of hope that shines brightly for years to come and thank you for being a part of it!